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Exhibiting the Trianon Press Archive

Songs of Labor and Transcendence: The Trianon Press Archive The second phase of my work with the The Elisabeth Remak-Honnef Center for Archival Research and Training (CART) at UCSC's McHenry Library Special Collections involved producing a physical and digital exhibit of the Trianon Press Archive.  You can find more information about what the Trianon Press… Continue reading Exhibiting the Trianon Press Archive

Graduate School Meditations

Technologies of Taste: TA Reflections

My first experience as an instructional assistant at UCSC begins!  In my previous roles, I began as a tutor, then a grader, and after completing required preparatory courses, of course, I taught sections of my own literature and academic rhetoric and writing courses.  After being solely responsible for the management of a course, I am… Continue reading Technologies of Taste: TA Reflections