Graduate School Meditations · Professional Development

Self and Society Through Film: TA Reflections

This course, which I joined as a Teaching Assistant, presented students with a set of texts and concepts that urged them to think critically about the relationships of self and society with our particular media culture in mind.  The course moved thorough key texts in existential philosophy, popular texts that present arguments about media technology,… Continue reading Self and Society Through Film: TA Reflections

Graduate School Meditations

Writing the Future: TA Reflections

Another quarter and another new TA dynamic.  This summer I worked with Porter College students in a class on SF.  We read Shelley, Wells, Miller, Delaney, Delillo, and a few short stories.  More new territory for me, in some ways.  This class had students in many places in their educational experience from graduating seniors to… Continue reading Writing the Future: TA Reflections

Graduate School Meditations

Technologies of Taste: TA Reflections

My first experience as an instructional assistant at UCSC begins!  In my previous roles, I began as a tutor, then a grader, and after completing required preparatory courses, of course, I taught sections of my own literature and academic rhetoric and writing courses.  After being solely responsible for the management of a course, I am… Continue reading Technologies of Taste: TA Reflections